About Me

Hello and Welcome

My name is Rachael from RLBrown and this is my website.

TLDR; I like being creative and making stuff. This website is my chance to show you what I’ve made. If I’m really lucky, and you’d like to purchase anything, pop over to my Etsy shop, use my contact form or drop me an email at rachael@rlbrown.co.uk.

I’ve attempted to write this introduction many times, trying to find the right fluffy artistic words, and many times I’ve given up as I just can’t find the right thing to say. This time I’ve decided to use simple and honest words.

The truth is I like making pictures and being creative. I’m happiest and most content when I am making things. The creative process helps me forget everything that is going on in the world, just for a little while.

My inspiration can come from anywhere, but most often it is from nature. Flowers in particular are a favourite subject of mine. My choice of medium is also varied, and I like to try many different techniques. Glass fusing is my current favourite as it is the perfect blend of art, engineering and science. In any medium, my style tends to be bright and bold, often exaggerating colours to suit my mood.

I use this website as a gallery of my work and I hope you like to view my work as much as I like to create it. I sell my work because some people like to buy it, it also allows me to buy more materials and gives me space to make more stuff. If by any chance you’d like to purchase anything, visit my Etsy shop or drop me an email.

Privacy Policy

If you use the contact form, the details you enter are stored so I can respond, I delete them when done. The full privacy policy can be found here.